Our Activities & Extras

Dryden Street Nursery offers a wide range of unique activities and extras to enrich every child's experience at nursery and to support busy parents.


Our weekly Footytotz™ physical play sessions give our 3-5 years olds a chance to learn about teamwork, develop movement skills and have a good kick-around outdoors! These sessions which are based on the use of footballing skills and relate to all aspects of the EYFS.

Music Sessions

Our weekly Music Sessions for 3-5 year old’s give children the opportunity to explore and develop a love for music.

Freestyle Thursday

‘Freestyle Thursday’ is part of our physical development programme that supports children's movement for a minimum of three hours per day. We look at how routines and activities can be adapted to encourage fine and gross motor physical development in a fun way. Allowing children to be more active has been proven to have a positive impact on children's behaviour, sleep patterns, sense of wellbeing, weight, muscle development, and their reading and writing skills.

Dance Class

Our 3-5 year olds love our weekly dance classes! Our children develop their creativity, confidence and movement skills through these fun and energetic classes.

Heuristic Play

We encourage Heuristic Play with our 1-2 year olds, embracing every child’s natural curiosity. Heuristic Play involves offering children a range of different objects and receptacles with which they are encourages to play freely without adult instruction.

Special Festivals

The children also take part in different festivals throughout the year, e.g. Chinese New Year, Burns Night, Halloween and Christmas, where we will explore the traditions they involve through lots of fun activities, dress ups and song!

Christmas Nativity

We celebrate Christmas by putting on a wonderful Christmas show for friends and family each year. There's always much excitement in preparing for the show as we learn songs and organise our special dress ups.


We celebrate the big move to primary school with a special graduation ceremony each year—caps, gowns, the works!


Community Outings

Our nursery enjoys great ties with our local community and we are often out and about visiting local sights and getting involved in events.