Our Rooms

Our highly experienced staff aim to follow each baby’s home routine as closely as possible. Babies are provided with a variety of stimulating activities each day and have their own quiet sleep area.

We welcome mothers to visit during their work day to continue breast feeding their baby when needed, and our staff are all fully trained in the storage and use of breast milk and formula milk.

Parents are asked to supply nappies, baby wipes and formula milk to ensure continuity between home and nursery.

 Once your child has become more mobile they will make a smooth transition into our Toddler Room. Our two Toddler rooms are spacious open areas with an adjoining outside soft play area. A range of activities are offered such as water play, painting and plenty of physical activity. Children are encouraged to develop their self-help skills (for example at meal times).   

 Early Years Two provides a more structured day with a varied choice of daily activities. Your child will be introduced to early numeracy and literacy skills as well as activities aimed to develop early communication skills. Each day your child will spend time outdoors in our large nursery outdoor play area.   

 Your child will progress to Early Years Three at around 3 years of age where a more structured but still play-based routine is followed, with plenty of activities to continue developing your child’s numeracy and literacy skills in preparation for when they leave our nursery. Children are encouraged to be more independent and take pride in being ‘Helper’ for their key group at mealtimes or being awarded ‘Star of the Week.’

We love to get outside at Dryden Street Nursery! We have a large outdoor play area where our over two’s have access to a purpose built slide, construction area, mud kitchen, sand pit, scooters and bikes. We also have a special separate soft play area for Babies and Toddlers.

As well as access to our fabulous outdoor play areas, children of all ages enjoy regular walks in the local area. Our youngest children are often seen out in our double buggies enjoying the fresh air, sights and sounds of the local community. We believe there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing – so we ask parents to provide their children with appropriate clothing for all types of weather, from wellington boots to sunglasses!