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We are very proud of our nursery and the care and education we provide for our children, but don’t just take our word for it, come and see Dryden Street Nursery yourself.  To arrange your unique viewing give us a call or enquire through our website.  We will ensure you receive a prompt response to your enquiry and we look forward to hearing from you.

We recommend a time of 10.15am (alternatively 2.30pm) to experience the best viewing of the  nursery, during these periods you can observe the children interacting together and the activities they engage with, other times throughout the day may encroach on the children’s personal routine such as  lunch-time and sleeptime. We do appreciate that some families may be visiting Manchester for one day only and have very busy schedules and therefore need to book viewings outside of these times.



DIRECTIONS: Dryden Street Nursery is situated very close to Manchester University, being a 10 minute walk. The nursery is located on Dryden St which is just off the junction off Upper Brook Street on to Plymouth Grove.

Dryden Street, Manchester, M13 9AU