Here at Dryden Street Nursery we are delighted to offer

30 hours funding for 3 & 4 year olds.


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What's Included

Dryden Street Nursery offers a number of extra-curricular activities for your 3-5 year old and fortnightly dance classes for your 2-3 year old.
These experiences help to develop your child’s self-awareness and sense of achievement alongside opportunities for children to deliver their personal news which fosters language development and self-esteem. In a nursery that practices childcare in a diverse environment we endeavour to acknowledge and provide for your child’s individuality.

Healthy Eating

Our children are offered a healthy, nutritious and varied diet which concentrates on providing a variety of fruit and vegetables whilst minimising the use of sugar and excluding the use of salt. We use an artificial cake for celebrations and encourage parents and carers to provide more unusual varieties of fruit instead of party sweets. Parents of children in the 3-5 years, room are encouraged to join their child for lunch and provide an evaluation of how they found the experience.

Our Team

Our staff team is well established with many staff having worked here over 10 years; this has ensured a continuity of care for those families who have been attending the nursery for the same period of time. All our staff are fully qualified with some staff holding a level 6 qualification and numerous others working towards a level 5 qualification. The manager has been working in childcare for 36 years and is dedicated to ensuring the continued development of Dryden Street Nursery.